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教程开始之前,你需要一个自己的 IOST 账号 点击这里创建,已经有 IOST 账号可以继续往下看啦~

移动端教程 - TokenPocket

1. 打开 TokenPocket (下载地址:

2. 点击「发现」分类

3. 点击「理财」专区

4. 打开「猎币 IOST 矿池」


开始挖矿 - 将 IOST 兑换成 VOST(矿权)


停止挖矿 - 将 VOST(矿权)赎回成 IOST


PC 端教程 - Web

1. 安装 iWallet 插件(如有可跳过)安装 iWallet

2. 访问猎币矿池主页: 1

3. 开始挖矿 - 将 IOST 兑换成 VOST(矿权),兑换成功开始计算挖矿收益 2

4. 停止挖矿 - 将 VOST(矿权)赎回成 IOST 4

5. 查看挖矿收益结算明细(每笔 VOST 交易均会根据持有时间和数量计算收益) 5



收益通过猎币矿池节点造块产生,由矿权兑换的主网币将进入节点的 Staking,节点出块产生的收益将按矿权比例分给持有矿权的账户。


安全,猎币矿池作为去中心化矿池,核心逻辑均部署在链上,不但可以安全透明的管理资产,还可以在链上查到所有账目,由代码保证了矿权和主网币 1:1 的永久锚定关系,所以不用担心矿权贬值或无法兑换。



Englist Version

Before the tutorial starts, you need your own IOST account. Click here to create, if you have IOST account can continue to look down~

Mobile Tutorial - TokenPocket

1. Open TokenPocket (下载地址:

2. Click "Discovery" category

3. Click "Finance" section

4. Open "Liebi Pool - IOST"


Start mining - convert IOST to VOST (mine tenement)


Stop mining - redeem VOST (mine tenement) into IOST


PC Tutorial - Web

1. Install the iWallet plugin (if have can skip)Install iWallet

2. Visit the Liebi Pool Homepage: 1

3. Start mining - convert IOST to VOST (mine tenement), and the conversion will start to calculate the mining revenue. 2

4. Stop mining - redeem VOST (mine tenement) into IOST 4

5. View mining revenue settlement details (every VOST transaction will calculate revenue based on holding time and quantity) 5

Common problem

Where does the mining revenue come from?

The proceeds are generated by the Liebi Pool node. The main currency exchanged by the mining rights will enter the node's staking, and the revenue generated by the node will be distributed to the account holding the mining rights according to the proportion of the mining rights.

Is it safe to exchange stake token?

Safety, the Liebi Pool as a decentralized mining pool, the core logic is deployed in the chain, not only can manage assets safely and transparently, but also can find all accounts in the chain, the code guarantees the mining rights and the main network currency 1 :1 is a permanent anchoring relationship, so don't worry about the mineral rights being devalued or not redeemable.

How to automatically compound interest?

Without any operation, it can be automatically compounded. The mining revenue will be settled once a day through the form of stake token. After the settlement, the total amount of stake token held by the account will increase, so the mining revenue will increase accordingly, achieving the effect of compound interest.

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